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Really addicting

At first I was contemplating weather to buy the game or not but I thought to myself “Eh, is only 99 cents what the hell.” And bought it. The dungeons are really fun and the story isn’t half bad. Game has a lot to offer for 0.99$ and IAPs don’t effect anything in the game. Just one thing though, PLEASE ADD AN OFFLINE MODE!! The most annoying thing is when I don’t have strong connection to play. An offline mode where online things are disabled would be the only thing missing. All in all, buy this game.



Not an RTS, a bit of a grind, and micro transactions

Although the game has a 4.2 as of this writing, it’s more of a 3 star game. One if the primary issues I’ve highlighted in the title: the game visually appears to be an RTS, but isn’t. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just something you should be aware of. Instead of an RTS, it’s a bizarre amalgamation of an ARPG and a wonky turned-based system. This control dynamic is a microcosm of the game’s lack of polish. Additionally, the game’s a grind that forces you to continuously raid the same dungeons to collect enough experience and items to overcome the next big bad. This is expected within this genre; unfortunately, the game also expects you to do this with multiple characters. Needless to say, this gets boring quickly. Lastly, the game has micro transactions. Admittedly, they aren’t pervasive as the mt’s are for opening additional chests that probably wouldn’t exist if no micro transactions were in the game. You can also buy cosmetic items as well as items of convenience. The last is a step too far of course since the developer is charging you for the game. These convenience micro transactions consist of expanding your inventory or improving the range from which you automatically pick up loot. So what’s good? The game is pleasant to look at (although there is little variety in the monsters and dungeons), there are skill trees that have an impact on gameplay, and there is a crafting system. The latter is overly complex in terms of the amount of materials you need to collect. Lastly, the core mechanic of the game, which is kill and loot and try to make your character look cool, is entertaining - in short bursts. Do I recommend the game? Well, I paid a buck for it and I don’t feel like I was ripped off, so yes ... kind of? Although I’m lukewarm toward the game, if you think you might like it, give it a shot. It’s a buck and maybe the developer will learn from its efforts and build something a bit better next time around.

It’s fun, but...

It’s clearly leaning toward IAP. You buy the game, and then the game expects you to spend money on gems open Rare and Unique chests in dungeons, to reset cooldowns for premium items. The user gets 2 gems per day, but when it’s 100 for a premium item then it seems like a hopeless grind. I find myself losing interest especially as there isn’t an offline way to play. I’m very disappointed as had I known the IAP played so big a part in the game I just would not have purchased it. I think I’ve destroyed more statues and pillars than actually fought things. I hope this game gets fixed!


This is the best game I have played on iOS for sure

Low-key Diablo hack-n-slash

Enjoy the grid-style, real-time/turn-based combat. Good graphics of avatar (although your gear may not exactly match from the inventory to your avatar). Obviously an import due to translation issues (nothing major). Upgrade system a minor annoyance. Overall, worth a buck.

Needs better controls

Good concept. But it’s just too hard to maneuver around the character on a phone. You have your finger in the middle of the screen trying to drag but you can’t see where you’re going because your finger’s in the way. Then you come up to some goblins that you had no idea were there. Then you’re trying to click to move forward but your character just sits there smashing his shield like an idiot.

Requires online connectivity

A paid app that requires connectivity, and has pay to open chests. 3 stars for great presentation and for what looks like a game made well. But its a freemium game for a dollar, if you want and rpg, this isnt it.


Seems fine but trapped in the starting level of entrance 2/2. Two installs on two devices. Don’t waste your time. You can’t exit the level. -update- 3rd time was a charm. Playing for a day or two and enjoying. Hopefully no more crippling bugs out there.


Make playable offline and I’ll rate 5 star. Purchased and can’t play bec the game requires internet and description does not state that. Disappointed...looked like a fun game.

Gross business practice.

Should be a free game. Can’t believe I spent a dollar to be met with blatant IAP. Uninstalled immediately, wish I could get a refund.

Good so far

So far it is interesting and engaging. Hoping the crystals keep coming slowly from missions and that they don’t pressure you into buying them as the power creep sets in. Will update if my feelings change.

Cool Game!

Fun game, cool crafting system, good for some on the go fun

Freemium but worth the buck

You get enough value for the dollar before you hit any pay walls

Great game for the price

I’ve put in a couple hours worth of play so far, and I’ve gotta day that for just a buck it’s a great game. The movement controls can be a bit tricky, and it’s obvious that English isn’t the first language of whoever wrote the script. But other than those quirks I have no qualms about the game. It’s very enjoyable

Another freemium RNG system

I deleted this game the second I got several failed attempts at leveling in a row at a supposedly 80% success rate. This is just another freemium cash grab in the same mold as Lineage where progression is tied to an increasingly unfair RNG leveling system. If you want this type of gameplay just play Lineage, which has far superior graphics and depth.

Not bad but lacking depth atm

There is potential but it is too early, content very repetitive. Crafting mostly useless early on, which takes some of the fun out of it. Good UI so long as you aren’t prone to fat fingering. Would also like to see more variety on the treasure maps.

Fun but...

I really like the gameplay so far. I’m only level 8 so I’m not very deep in the game. Gathering and crafting is a large part of the game which is fun. It would be cool if it didn’t require quite as many items to craft something but that’s ok. I don’t like the fact that I paid for the game up front even though only a dollar and they try to have you pay more for IAP. The IAP are also pretty salty for what you get. I would rather pay $10 up front for the game and not have IAP, I mean it’s a single player game so it’s not like you’re paying to stay relevant with other players.



Love it, but..

Great game and graphics. Game play is a little rough but I'm getting use to it. Boss ques are hard to notice, the main menu are is horrible to look at compared to the game. And if I paid for the game I shouldn't have to pay for gems for my loot and armor. Scam...


Translation issues and no iPhone X support.

Love this game!

Hands down one of the best and deepest rpg games I’ve played on iOS. It has a good balance. Takes a little while to get into it and the hang of it. But you can tell they put a lot of work and thought into this game. I kinda wish you were able to pick a class and customize your toon. But once you play for a while you start to unlock other classes. A little more control over the customization of your toon would be nice. But I’m kinda nit picking. Great game!

Cant play offline....

So tired of developers creating games that will only work with online servers. Cant enjoy this game on the subway cuz its a deadzone for cellular service. Im forced to play something else and quickly lose interest in this game cuz of this nagging disappointment that in order to play you need to be online. If there was a offline mode then it would be a solid 5 star, just be aware of this fact and save your $ if you were looking for something for BOTH offline and online play.

Pretty good

Entertaining; simple mechanics, you will get plenty of playing time out of this without spending any extra money. If there is a paywall, I vent reached it in a dozen hours of playtime. s Some logistical issues could be improved: knowing which inventory items will give you an improvement should be obvious from your inventory screen- you shouldn’t have to tap on each one—that seems like a no-brainer. Some of the training quests are overly confusing (how do you know which “super-moves” the monster will use? Must be a better, more artful way than trial-and-error! The crafting system isn’t complex, but you shouldn’t need to go to so many places, look up so much just to figure out what you need to craft the items necessary for daily quests- that’s just annoying, as is having to go back to the “pub” to get and turn in quests. Good job, developers, but keep ironing out the kinks, please!

Add iPhoneX support!

Phenomenal game, but there needs to be iPhoneX support for it to be 5*

Not what I was expecting

You control one character at a time and any every time you move the character the enemies move. If you are looking for a turn based strategy game like Fire Emblem or Disgaea THIS IS NOT IT.

Pay for a freemium experience???

Why does a one dollar game have to be built around baiting players into buying freemium "gem" purchases. The second you get into the map the traditional freemium header bar with 0 next to an image of something shiny and a plus sign which links to the in app purchases was definitely not expected in the paid section of the App Store. Only reason for 2 stars is the decent gameplay and visuals but seriously saddening that freemium is even pillaging the paid section of the store now.

Good game but bad English

It’s a good game so far but I wish the devs would get a good translator to improve the quality of the game

The one I’ve been searching for.

Perfect blend of one handed/two handed action/turned based fun/strategy RPG. I paid $0.99 for the app not sure if this was a sale price because the in app transactions seem scarce and unnecessary. I’ve got about 10 hours into it and haven’t needed to pay anything. Try this one!!

Great rouge like-lite

No perma-death, which is fine with me. I'm really enjoying this game.

Nice game overall. Could be better

Really enjoyed myself for at least 3 hours. Then after paying for the game i found out that after certain dungeons you can get crystal chest which u can open with crystals... rly guys? To open that chest you need 10 crystals. And 10 crystals - $0.99 Meaning that every chest i would want to open would cost me $0.99? Absurd... i feel cheated. I paid for the game just to find out i need to pay more in order to open chests... who opens chests with crystals anyways...

3/5 stars details below

First off I want to start off by saying this game is fun. It feels rewarding so far (only character level 7 with Rian) idk maybe that changes later on. Next I want to applaud the devs for the beauty of this game. It runs at 60fps on high resolution on my iPhone 6s beautifully. I also want to give props to being able to run it in either landscape or portrait. I bet you’re wondering why the 3/5 stars if I enjoy the game so much. Well here’s why. The controls are very touchy and partly unreliable because of it. There’s been a few times I have died from a boss because I pressed the bosses square but the game thinks I wanted to move next to the boss rather than attack it which has caused me to take an extra hit resulting in a death. Only being able to complete 3 quests a day really ruins the point of doing missions. Maybe allow 5 quests a day and any after that have to be gained through spending a gem or something. Another reason I gave it 3/5 stars has to do with the lack of “extra playable characters”, again maybe that changes later on but so far just being a fighter is kind of meh. (I just got Belrose and even so it’s not enough). Also the game feels rather linear, again maybe it changes later on but as for now it’s very linear. Gems should be a little easier to obtain in game. One last reason is no multiplayer capabilities, no co-op and no PVP really loses value in a mobile platform. However for .99 cents it’s worth its cost. I expect to keep this game in my phone for as long as I can.

Fantastic, so far

As long as this doesn’t turn into a P2W scenario, this is my new favorite mobile game and a mobile masterpiece. In which case I’d be happy to pay 15-30 bucks a month for a healthy supply of gems to support new content. If it does turn p2w, this review will drop to one star and app gets trash canned with all the other could’ve been great games that suddenly brick wall the players with excessive monetization strategies. Devs, so far, I love this game, it’s fantastic, please don’t break my heart like all the others.


Great game

Pretty Fun to Play, but not Roguelike

This is an enjoyable RPG-style game. It has all of the features that we have come to expect from an RPG dungeon crawler on iOS, plus a better, more intuitive touchscreen control system than average. It is not, however, a roguelike game. Aside from being turn-based, there are no roguelike features at all. No procedurally generated maps, all items are identified immediately, no permadeath, etc. If you are looking for a solid RPG, this is well worth the buck. If are are looking for a true roguelike, this is not it.

Great RPG wish it had a multiplayer aspect

I love the game so far and the dungeon crawling. The way you craft items is fair and makes for a little grinding by going back into old dungeons and killing monsters for materials to make weapons and armor. You can even find recipes from chests that drop after slaying a boss monster. I hope to see some multiplayer aspect in the future maybe PvP or PvE like raids and such would complete the game. There is already a chat system which makes me hopeful, also guilds would be cool or maybe you could form parties with people in the pub and go on raids and quests together. Overall good game!

Nothing like it

Everything is kosher with this game. Usually pick a game up for a week and stop playing it. Glad to say I found one that makes me at home

we need more games like this

not nearly enough quality, single hero turn based dungeon crawlers on the app store. this game is scratching an itch i’ve had for a long time. the IAP is non intrusive, the gameplay is fast, fun, and tactical. the only change i’d make is let us create our own heroes instead of playing as preset characters, but it’s a minor quibble as the heroes that are in the game are fairly customizable. 5/5, would recommend.


I'm pleasantly surprised/impressed. Great little RPG. I'm only a few hours in, but I've gotten more than a buck of fun out of it already. The art/audio is well done and it plays very well on my Pro10.5 as well as 7+. I like that you can zoom in/out, gives the game a different feel depending on zoom. The ONLY thing I dislike so far (and I hope they give us a toggle option to change it) is the orientation of the game field. By the screen shots you can tell that forward/backward is never up/down, it's always at a diagonal, which I find annoying. I personally would prefer that the orientation be the standard up is north, instead of up is northwest. Oh yeah, and I would think clicking on a spot should move me there, I shouldn't have to rely on the on screen controller to 'push' myself everywhere.

Has great potential

Loving the game so far. Looking forward to more content.

iPhone X

No iPhone X support🤨 Edit: got a Dev response. What I meant was the game is not optimized to run on iPhone x and utilize the full screen. Will update review once that's added.


Why no iPhone X support??? The iPhone X has been out for almost 4 months now. When will we see iPhone X support?


Really entertaining dungeon crawl. Worth the time invested in the first couple of levels to learn how to play.

Love it!

Just downloaded it and I'm enjoying it so much. I have a suggestion however. I'd like to be able to consolidate my gear into less bags by having the choice of moving it freely and I'd also like to categorize the gear by rarity. Amazing game though ladies and gentlemen!


So. The game is fun. Iaps haven’t really been pushed but there are lots of cosmetic items you can buy with the iap gems. You can also find some in game but a very small amount. The biggest issue I had was storage. If you buy the game, immediately save up 20 gems to buy a second page of storage at the inn. It’s pretty much mandatory. There’s no permadearth so it’s rogue-lite. Now it is hard but not too hard. It starts off pretty easy though. The game will tempt you to spend your gems on big shiny chests every once in a while, the items inside aren’t that impressive and can be found from regular chests, maybe not as often but a few runs and you’ll get the same stuff. The game does require some grinding and farming but really what dungeon crawler doesn’t? It also requires internet connection but there’s no multiplayer but there is a chat system you can talk to other players and even see them in the pub but that’s it. The game doesn’t hold your hand you have to figure things out like going inside the pub, finding the daily missions boards inside and there a black market in there too. I recommend the game though, I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve been playing a couple days now and only level 12 I hear there’s a huge paywall at lvl 15. But the levels are character level based so if you’re stuck on a boss but high enough level for the next area you can move on and come back later. You just can’t continue the story missions until you do beat that boss. All in all it’s worth more than the buck it costs.

A perfect ios experience

The battle mechanics are great for one handed or two handed play. I really wish more games would provide the option to change from portrait to landscape view. The dungeons are quick enough to complete when I have an awkward amount of time between my daily activities, but it also has enough depth to keep me occupied for longer play sessions. The story, however, leaves something to be desired, I’m not very far yet and perhaps it opens up, but so far it’s clear that it was written by someone who speaks english as a second language. That being said, it’s much better than other experiences i’ve had. The depth of crafting and purchasing equipment is in that sweet spot of ease for quickplay, but also great for min/maxing when more time is available. I would like to see an optimization for the iphone x, i’ve found that i have a hard time completely enjoying games that haven’t utilized all of the screen real estate. it’s alway in the back of my mind, kind of like when a teacher leaves the mouse pointer on screen during a movie presentation. I nearly passed this one up thinking it would be a plain experience, but i’m glad i didn’t and appreciate what the devs have done here.


I have been looking for a new rpg for a while now, when I stumbled on this gem. Great graphics, controls, and story. Well worth a dollar. Great job keep em comin👍😬

So much yes!

This game is absolutely amazing! Stunning graphics, fantastic gameplay!

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